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The Day Leo Said I Hate You!(名作家Robie Harris著作)  有书评 有内页照片  可点读
Author:   Harris, Robie / Molly Bang
Category: Fiction - Family  General  可点读

ISBN: 9780316083508  查看亚马逊上的介绍
Pages: 32 页
Age / Level: 5-8, Level-2,适合亲子阅读
Type & Binding: 软皮本,Picture Book
Original Price: $ 6.99
押 金: ¥70
逾期借阅费: ¥11/月


From Organization / 国外机构评价:
Starred Review. PreSchool-Grade 1—In this companion to When Sophie Gets Angry—Really, Really Angry… (Scholastic, 1999), Harris's wisdom and sense of humor regarding early childhood behavior complement Bang's depictions of a little boy's strong emotions. Vivid colors, scanned and digitally manipulated paper cutouts and photographs, and fonts of varied sizes portray the tension between a preoccupied mother and her bored youngster. Leo rolls tomatoes in the house until they burst, drops string beans into the fish bowl, and squeezes toothpaste all over the toilet, collecting maternal "no's" as he goes. Ultimately pushed off the page by a fiery, life-size negation, the boy enters his bedroom, declares it a no-rule zone, and takes out his frustration by coloring a frowning mommy on his wall. The confrontation builds as she ignores his dictate, and Leo utters the fateful phrase. The tiny boy in the next spread is a picture of remorse and regret. The denouement offers a realistic and loving dialogue that should be required reading in parenting and anger-management classes. Mom takes a deep breath, eventually gets a grip, and together they talk about when it is and isn't acceptable to verbalize this four-letter word. Children will delight in the realism of the collage elements (cloud-covered sheets, shaggy stuffed animals, exploding broccoli spears) and relate to the intensity of the scenes in which Leo struggles with his rage and lack of power. It may dawn on parents that sometimes playing is better than getting another thing done.—Wendy Lukehart, Washington DC Public Library

Foreign Customer Review / 国外客户评价:
This story will resonate with older preschoolers and mothers alike. Children get frustrated with rules and disappointments and as they learn to manage their feelings and their words, sometimes they let those not-so-nice three little words fly, "I hate you!" Molly Bang's own bright and scribbled illustrations underscore the emotions conveyed by the story, and Leo's own drawings are used as an element of the story as well. I think it's a great way to open a conversation (or simply let the story teach without further pressing the issue).

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知北妈妈: 看完后我陷入了陈思 2014/9/2 10:25:00
看完这本书,儿子说:妈妈你就这样,天天对我说NO NO NO。其实不用儿子说我自己就开始反思了。好像随着孩子一天天长大,对他说的最多的话就是不许干这不许干那,一副命令的口气。可我们是不是忘记了他还是个孩子?这本书给我上了很好的一课,要想做个好妈妈先从理解孩子开始
1 顶.  
遥遥 6岁深圳: 不错的情商教育 2013/6/14 10:35:00
书中的情况每家都有, 可能当我们说太多不要这样不要那样的时候没有顾忌孩子的感受, 这本书正好弥补了这一点, 我家女儿很喜欢这本书, 重复翻看。
0 顶.  
jamiezhou: 超级棒 2013/12/9 17:53:00
超级棒的一本书,讲一个小男孩很淘气,做很多事情都被妈妈制止,就很生气,对妈妈发了火,说“I hate you”,时候母子两好好的沟通了下,就又重归于好了。书不仅让儿子知道生气的时候不能说伤人的话,也让我知道了不能一位的对孩子说no,要跟孩子正确的沟通。
0 顶.  
yzy0923: 让人深思的书 2014/8/1 16:33:00
书里的男孩淘气,尽做些捣蛋的事,妈妈只会对他喊no,而没有告诉他该怎么做,于是孩子说“I hate you”,这时妈妈才明白过来,对孩子改变态度,马上就不生气 了。
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